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When you are hurt in an accident, injured by a bad drug or product, injured on the job ...

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From the first impression of Mr. Teich I knew I had made the right choice. He worked so ...

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Asheville, Greenville, Spartanburg Injury Lawyers

For 35 years, Grimes Teich Anderson LLP has protected the rights and interests of thousands of people.

Whether you suffer injuries in a car accident, have been hurt on the job, harassed at work, denied Social Security Disability claims or Veterans Disability Compensation, the attorneys at Grimes Teich Anderson, have made it their life’s work to help you get the compensation to which you may be entitled.

The North Carolina Personal Injury lawyers and South Carolina Accident Attorneys at Grimes Teich Anderson are skilled and highly qualified in handling these and other cases, and we aggressively fight insurance companies to help our clients. If you have been injured and are unable to visit us at one of our eight offices located in North Carolina and South Carolina including in Asheville, Greenville, and Spartanburg, we will come to you. There is no fee to discuss your injury case. For 40 years we have been committed to one thing – getting justice for our clients while providing them with personalized, compassionate legal representation of the highest quality. Let us help you.

Personal Injury

If you or a loved one are injured in any kind of accident, the question of who is responsible for the injuries you suffered may not always be clear, and the insurance company of the other party is not going to help you because they are looking out for their own client’s interest. The North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers and South Carolina Accident Attorneys at Grimes Teich Anderson have experience in handling all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Workers Compensation

An injury at work can lead to a lifetime of disabilities. How can we help if this happens to you? Our North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers and South Carolina Accident Attorneys are experienced in workers’ compensation laws in both states. Sometimes a person may live in one state but work in another, so what happens if they are injured on the job? Which laws apply? Our knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys can answer these and other questions, and they will help protect your rights and help you get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

Social Security Disability

People with Social Security Disability claims may find their claim is denied once or sometimes more than once. What happens then? For years our attorneys have successfully represented people with Social Security Disability claims. They can navigate the complex, confusing SDD and SSI systems to help you get the benefits to which you may be entitled for your injury or medical condition. Have questions about whether you are eligible for Social Security Disability, whether you can work while on Social Security Disability or whether you can receive social security disability and workers’ compensation benefits at the same time? The social security disability lawyers at Grimes Teich Anderson know the answers to these and other questions. Call today for your free consultation with an experienced GTA attorney.

Veterans Law

Veterans make all kinds of sacrifices and serve our country well, but sometimes they suffer for that service and end up with injuries and disabilities for which they may be entitled compensation. Our highly qualified team of North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers and South Carolina Accident Attorneys includes a lawyer and staff who are themselves military Veterans who are trained and experienced in military law issues including disability cases, military discharge upgrades, and benefits for dependents.

Employment Law

Have you been the victim of harassment, discrimination or retaliation at work? You may feel stressed, angry and alone and wonder what to do. Our experienced employment law attorney at Grimes Teich Anderson can help protect your rights in these cases and can help you take the necessary steps to get the justice you deserve and the compensation to which you may be entitled from the loss of wages and benefits, you may have suffered. We also represent people with Family and Medical Leave Act Violations, breach of contract and, Wage and Hour issues.

Tractor Trailer Accidents

There’s little room for error when traveling on the highway next to a tractor-trailer rig. Sometimes the drivers of those 18-wheelers may be being texting or otherwise distracted; they may be suffering from driver fatigue because of too many hours on the road, they may be under the influence, or they simply may not see a smaller vehicle in their blind spot, all of which can lead to devastating crashes. Just like your smaller car is no match for an 18-wheeler, you alone are no match against a trucking company’s insurance lawyers if you are injured because of one of these rigs. Let one of our experienced personal injury lawyers in North Carolina or South Carolina help you and protect your rights and interests in these cases.

Premises Liability

Whether you are at an event, shopping in a store or visiting someone’s home, you expect not to get hurt because of someone else’s negligence. But sometimes dogs bite, you get burned, things fall or collapse because they haven’t been properly built or maintained and you end up with serious injuries. When this happens, you need an attorney, like those at Grimes Teich Anderson who have experience in Premises Liability Law. Our injury lawyers can help determine who’s at fault and help you get the compensation to which you may be entitled.

Dog Bites

Dog bites can leave severe physical and emotional scars and big medical bills, and if you have been bitten, you need to take action to protect yourself and your rights. The personal injury attorneys at the North Carolina and South Carolina firm of Grimes Teich Anderson have the legal knowledge needed to protect your interests if you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog. Laws in North Carolina and South Carolina are different when it comes to dog bites and there are time limit for filing lawsuits in these kinds.

Drug and Medical Device Injury

Drugs, whether over the counter or prescribed by a doctor, and many medical devices can offer pain relief and better quality of life for those who need them, but sometimes even those items approved by the Food and Drug Administration can hurt and kill people. When that happens, those responsible should be held accountable. Our injury lawyers have the experience and national connections needed to battle big companies and help you, or a loved one who is injured because of bad drugs and defective medical devices.

Nursing Home Abuse

People in nursing homes, whether there for long-term or short-term care, are some of the most vulnerable in our population and they should be treated with dignity, respect and given the best care possible as required by law. When that doesn’t happen, and the person you love is abused or neglected an experienced nursing home attorney can help get the justice deserved. Call one of our injury attorneys at Grimes Teich Anderson. There’s no fee to discuss an injury case.

At Grimes Teich Anderson, our clients come first. We never represent insurance companies. If you or a loved one are injured, you need an experienced personal injury attorney in North Carolina or South Carolina who knows the law and fights aggressively to protect your rights. Help is just a phone call away at 800-533-6845.

  • I am very happy with the outcome of my case. Christy was very helpful every time I needed help or info.
    - C.L.
  • My life has been completely changed since my injury. I was to my wits end when I saw Mr. Teich do a t.v. commercial for the firm. The workers' comp (insurance) group was treating me like I had done something wrong. A little voice said, 'you need someone to represent you', so, I called and set up a consult with Mr. Teich and Christine. From the first impression of Mr. Teich I knew I had made the right choice. He worked so hard for me and would call me himself - that was impressive. I don't think I've ever been treated so important and my voice mattered. Completely opposite of what I was going through with the workers' comp (Insurance) people. I know my life will never be the same as before the injury but, now I have a new chapter in my life thanks to Mr. Teich and Christine and the entire staff.
    - Pam C.
  • I would like to thank all who had something to do with my case. Getting my Social Security Disability has changed my life. I'm now able to pay my bills. I never would have gotten it without your help. And I really, really, really want to thank Mr. Brian Buchanan, he was just wonderful and made me feel at ease. I was so blessed to have him as my lawyer. Every month that I receive my check I'll always think of you and thank the Lord that I chose you to help me.
    - Regina K.
  • Thanks again for all your help. Have referred several people to the firm and am grateful for the respect and kind consideration you have shown to me. If I ever need an attorney again (which I pray I don't) your firm will be at the top of my list. Have a good week and God bless each of you.
    - Sincerely, June Hannah-Mathis
  • Scott Anderson and his paralegal, Pam Halsnik did an outstanding job with my case! Thanks!.
    - Martha Rogers
  • I had a very good experience with Grimes Teich Anderson. They took care of all the paperwork, they kept me informed at all times during this year long process, they made sure all my medical bills were paid. They really took care of me and my rights. I really recommend their services.
    - Thanks again, Walter
  • I felt like my case was personal to Henry and his paralegal, Sam and I wasn't just on some conveyor belt. I was never in the dark about my case and was always kept up to date with what was going on in my case and I felt included in everything. Sam is particularly helpful. She is always cheerful and a pleasure to speak with. Henry shows a lot of dedication and concern and that's why I would recommend them to others.
    - Pamela
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Client Reviews
Mr. Anderson represented my husband, Duane Carter during a recent car accident claim. We were try to get the medical bills and pain reimbursement resolved with the insurance company. They were great at keeping us current with any progress or problems that occurred during the process of our claim. The law firm of Grimes, Teich & Anderson are very people oriented and care deeply about their clients. I would highly recommend anyone in a similar situation use this law firm to resolve their claim. Duane C. & Tammey C.
Brian, I want to thank you and Ms. Willetts for all of your help during the appeal. Your expertise and approachable personality was truly welcomed, and having you present for the SSA hearing reduced my anxieties about the process. I will gladly refer others to you if they are needing assistance with disability or injury. If I were to encounter trouble with the SSA in the future, you will be my first contact. Your professionalism is a step above. Will Pitman
We received exceptional assistance with a very difficult situation. Jessica Leaven and her team were thorough and clear throughout the entire process. We are grateful for her assistance and would recommend her to others who are seeking simple guidance or formal representation. Rebecca H.