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Fires and the burn injuries they cause can be lethal, life-altering and devastating. Progress has been made to improve fire safety in recent years through both technology and policy, bringing the United States’ national fire rate down by over 22% in the last decade. Despite this significant move forward, uncontrollable and destructive fire and burn events are still an everyday reality. If you or someone you love has been injured in a fire contact the North Carolina and South Carolina personal injury lawyers at Grimes Teich Anderson. They are experienced in protecting the rights of burn injury clients and helping them get the benefits to which they may be entitled for their injuries.

There have been just under 16,000 injuries and just under 3,500 fire-related deaths in the United States in recent years. In the National Fire Incident Reporting System’s most recent report (2014), North and South Carolina saw just 2 deaths and 9 injuries per 1000 fires and South Carolina; these numbers jump to 9 deaths and 24 injuries per 1000 home fires. While these figures are lower than the national average, it that does not change the fact that fire injuries can be life-changing.

Why Should I Hire a Fire and Burn Injury Lawyer?

The legal systems around the provision of healthcare and insurance benefits are fraught with technicalities and are vulnerable to changes in political leadership. Our North Carolina and South Carolina personal injury lawyers know the law and can provide the expertise needed in cases involving burn injuries. Fire injuries are often severe, and treatment may require highly specialized teams and cutting-edge technology. Skin is the largest organ in the body, playing several roles in the functionality of the body. Every component of the skin has a purpose. As the body’s first line of defense against heat, infection, and other potentially imbalancing natural forces, the skin is a critical armor for human survival. The skin also regulates body temperature, stores fat, and water, facilitates the sense of touch, and fends off bacteria before they reach the immune system. Burn injuries are a direct attack on the skin, causing damage to varying degrees that can render some or all of the skin’s important roles impossible for it to play. A severe burn injury with complications (such as infection or chronic pain) can cost upwards of $10 million to treat. Insurance alone may not be enough to cover the medical costs to say nothing of what an burn victim may be entitled to for pain and suffering.

Important Steps You Personal Injury Lawyer Will in Your Fire or Burn Injury Case

  • Determine the source and cause of the fire
  • Find and collect evidence
  • Test the materials and products involved in the fire
  • Identify the party that caused the fire

There are many factors that determine how an insurance company will provide for its policyholders, but all too often the interests of investors come before the health needs of these families. Our attorneys have handled fire and burn injury cases in North Carolina, and South Carolina and are familiar with the insurance payout and appeal processes that you may have to go through if you or someone you love has a burn-related health need. Your insurance company may give you a lowball offer for the procedures and treatment options you’re facing in an attempt to cut costs. Don’t let them take advantage of your misfortune.

If you or a loved one have been burned in a fire contact one of our North Carolina or South Carolina lawyers who are experienced in handling fire and burn injury cases.

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