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Recent Developments in Paragard IUD Lawsuits


Paragard, a small T-shaped plastic intrauterine device (IUD) that uses copper instead of hormones, is a popular contraceptive device implanted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of this device in 1984, and it has been claimed safe and effective by manufacturers Teva Pharmaceuticals and the CooperSurgical for […]

Special Monthly Compensation – What Veterans Should Know About Entitlement to Compensation Above Their 100% Disability Rating.


Veterans with serious disabilities should be aware that they might be entitled to higher rates of compensation above the schedular ratings that typically compensate for conditions or injuries up to 100 percent. The additional compensation is called Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) and is one of the more complicated areas of Veterans Law. Nevertheless, a basic […]

Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) and Baby Formula: What You Need to Know


Parents nationwide are filing lawsuits against Enfamil and Similac manufacturers Mead Johnson and Abbott Laboratories, alleging that the baby formulas they produce cause necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in newborn babies. NEC is a severe and potentially fatal gastrointestinal condition that primarily affects premature babies who rely on formula feeding to aid their body’s development and help […]

What Drivers Should Know About North and South Carolina’s Work Zone Laws 


Spring is officially in full swing; temperatures are starting to rise, flowers are beginning to bud, and people are rushing outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. However, there will also be a rise in construction projects along many highways and roadways in North and South Carolina. There is no better time to brush up on […]

Chronic Fatigue as a Condition for VA Disability Compensation and Benefits


By Garrett Artz and Tod M. Leaven Fatigue and military service usually goes hand in hand. Most military veterans recognize the symptoms of fatigue because they were exposed to it as an active duty servicemember during times of high operational tempo or deployment. Sometimes the mission and the sense of belonging to a team compelled […]

Service Connection, Direct or Secondary, for Headaches


Military service members who have deployed and been exposed to combat have been found to be at a higher risk for new-onset headaches[1]. More broadly, it has been shown that members of the military with significant headaches share a similar cause – stress – for headaches with their civilian counterparts.[2] Fortunately for veterans, the VA […]

Motorcycle Deaths in SC at Record High in 2021


In 2021, South Carolina saw a sharp increase in motorcycle accidents leading to a record-breaking high. With a staggering 154 motorcycle accident fatalities statewide, 2021 marks the deadliest year for motorcycle accidents in SC since 1980. According to law enforcement, this could be attributed to many factors, including distracted driving and increased travel as COVID-19 […]

How Long Does a VA Claim Take After a C&P Exam?


A Compensation and Pension, or C&P, exam assists the VA in determining the severity of a veteran’s medical condition and how it relates to their service in the military. These exams directly impact the amount of compensation a veteran could receive through the VA and are one of the most crucial appointments a veteran must […]

All in a good night’s sleep: Veterans and Service-Connected Disability for Sleep Apnea


Sleep is a precious commodity for military service members. Most understand what it feels like to be so tired to be able to sleep in almost any place regardless of comfort or noise. This begins in most military indoctrination programs and carries through in later active service as a necessary part of mission accomplishment. It […]

What Is The True Cost of a Car Accident?


The initial impact of a car accident can be extremely shocking. From the first responder dispatch to the exchange of insurance information, the crash scene itself takes a lot out of all parties involved. However, that is only the beginning. Many different costs and burdens of your car accident will continue to follow you home. […]

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