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Can You Pass South Carolina’s Motorcycle Skills Test?

Beginning June 3, 2013, motorcyclists in South Carolina who wanted to renew their beginner permit had to make a bona fide attempt to pass the state’s motorcycle skills test.

You may be one of the motorcycle riders who is up for renewal. Are you up to the challenge?

Here are a few questions based on the South Carolina Driver’s Manual, which explains the motorcycle maneuvers you will be required to perform during the skills test and the knowledge you’ll need to have in order to pass.

Test your own skills in a safe area of clean, dry pavement to prepare yourself and reduce your chances of a motorcycle accident. (The answers are at the bottom.)

  1. Sharp Turns and U-Turns: The test requires you to perform sharp turns and U-turns to both the left and the right. Which maneuver will cause you to lose points on your skills test?
    • a. Keeping the motorcycle inside the boundaries marked by the yellow lines
    • b. Stopping after completing the U-turn
    • c. Putting a foot down while making either of the turns or completing the loop
    • d. Riding faster than 15 mph
  1. Cone Weave: Which of the following mistakes will cost you points?
    • a. Hitting or skipping a cone
    • b. Putting a foot down during the maneuver
    • c. Stopping with your front tire outside the box or touching any painted lines
    • d. All of the above
  1. Sudden Stops: Which of these “mistakes” is actually okay to make during the sudden-stop test?
    • a. Using only one of your brakes
    • b. Accelerating to less than 12 mph
    • c. Skidding during the stop
    • d. Taking as much distance as you need to stop
  1. Cornering: On this part of the test, you must ride through multiple curves. You’ll need to stay within the boundaries and:
    • a. Accelerate slightly through the curve,
    • b. Decelerate slightly through the curve,
    • c. Turn only to the right to complete the course,
    • d. Come to a complete stop between the corners.
  1. Obstacle Avoidance: Crossing the yellow lines during this test is the same thing as:
    • a. Failing to stop at a safe distance,
    • b. Measuring your speed to ensure it’s at least 12 mph,
    • c. Braking during the swerve,
    • d. Hitting something in your path.


  • 1. C. You’ll lose points for putting a foot down or straying outside the marked path.
  • 2. D. All of these mistakes will cost you points during the cone weave.
  • 3. C. Skidding won’t cost you points, but not using both brakes, not accelerating to 12-20 mph, and not stopping within the marked distance will.
  • 4. A. Pass this test by staying within the lines and accelerating slightly through the curves. Avoid decelerating or stopping. Turn in either direction after you exit the curved lines.
  • 5. D.This test asks you to swerve to avoid crossing the yellow lines – which stand for an obstacle you would crash into if you didn’t swerve safely.

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