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What Does the Camp Lejeune Justice Act Mean for Veterans?

News of a contaminated water supply on military base Camp Lejeune stunned the United States. Between 1953 and 1987, leaking […]

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What is the PACT Act and How Might Gulf War Era Veterans Qualify for Benefits?

The Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act is otherwise known as the PACT Act […]

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Special Monthly Compensation – What Veterans Should Know About Entitlement to Compensation Above Their 100% Disability Rating.

Veterans with serious disabilities should be aware that they might be entitled to higher rates of compensation above the schedular […]

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Chronic Fatigue as a Condition for VA Disability Compensation and Benefits

Fatigue and military service usually goes hand in hand. Most military veterans recognize the symptoms of fatigue because they were […]

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Service Connection, Direct or Secondary, for Headaches

Military service members who have deployed and been exposed to combat have been found to be at a higher risk […]

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How Long Does a VA Claim Take After a C&P Exam?

A Compensation and Pension, or C&P, exam assists the VA in determining the severity of a veteran’s medical condition and […]

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All in a good night’s sleep: Veterans and Service-Connected Disability for Sleep Apnea

Sleep is a precious commodity for military service members. Most understand what it feels like to be so tired to […]

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Update – Environmental Exposures to Particulate Matter for the Gulf War Era of Veterans (1990-2026)

Environmental exposure to particulate matter has been highlighted in major media outlets the past several weeks.  Most recently, The White […]

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Veterans Disability Benefits and Backlog in the COVID Era: Fast Facts You Need to Know

Currently, there over 210,000 disability claims in the Veteran Benefits Administration backlog (double the pre-COVID amount). This systematic setback has […]

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What Are Secondary Service Connected Conditions And How Can Veterans Get Help?

Many times, a Veteran’s service-connected condition leads to a new disability or illness. A classic example of this is when a […]

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