New Infrastructure Bill To Help Prevent Truck Accident Fatalities

Now that the $1 trillion infrastructure bill (known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act) was signed into law by President Biden, North Carolina and South Carolina citizens should expect to see a safer transportation system for every commute. This includes an increased effort to address and prevent truck underride crashes, a particularly catastrophic sort of car accident where a vehicle slides under the back or side of a tractor-trailer.

A Longtime Need to Address Underride Truck Crashes

This acknowledgment has been a long time coming for many people who have grappled with this type of car accident. The Stop Underrides Act, first introduced by New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) in 2017, aimed to combat and prevent these crashes from occurring. This bill included better inspection and utilization of guards on the back and sides of trucks and tractor-trailers, which intend to prevent cars from going underneath them. Unfortunately, Gillibrand was discouraged from proceeding with the Stop Underrides Act, as her colleagues argued that the bill was not likely to pass on its own and would instead be included in a more all-encompassing infrastructure bill. They were correct.

Tractor Trailer Regulations Included in Infrastructure Bill

Four years later, the intent of the Stop Underrides Act was folded into the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. In addition to the $1 trillion in government spending, the bill requires that manufacturers equip trucks and trailers with rear guards strong enough to prevent a car going 35mph from sliding underneath. This will be followed by periodic maintenance inspection. The infrastructure bill also allows The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) one year to conduct research and implement measures to prevent vehicles from getting caught under the sides of trucks and trailers. 

Furthermore, the law requires trucks to have rear guards tough enough to prevent underrides involving 50% of a car’s width hitting the truck. It may be up to regulators to decide if the guards should still stand if 30% of a car’s nose hits it, typically in its weakest region. This will be determined as the NHTSA further looks into the rear- and side-guard standards in the coming months.

Truck Accident Attorneys That Will Guide You on The Path to Recovery

Regardless of what type of motorist you are, truck accidents can be just as devastating as they are deadly. Though there are more systemic efforts to address truck accidents than ever before, inspiring hope in underride crash victims and their families, there is still much work to be done. The unthinkable can still happen at any time, and having a truck accident lawyer in your corner is crucial to coping. Have you or a loved one been hurt, harmed, or killed in a truck accident? You may be entitled to significant compensation for all that you have endured. Let the car accident attorneys at Grimes Teich Anderson guide you on the path to a full recovery. Call our office at 800-533-6845 or submit a contact form on our website for a free legal consultation today.

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