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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Could Pose Serious Risks to Men’s Health

Many products are advertised and promoted to men to boost their testosterone levels. While testosterone therapy may sound appealing for its promised increase of testosterone in older men, there are numerous downsides to the treatment that can have moderate to severe and potentially long-term lasting effects.

An article titled “The Risk of Testosterone Replacement in Men” published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information reported that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) “has been linked with prostate cancer” and advised that such therapy should be taken with caution. The occurrence of polycythemia, or elevated red blood cell count, is also increased for those who undergo TRT. Finally, the article reported that men who seek the treatment are found to suffer more frequently from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

The Mayo Clinic adds that risk of the therapy also include developing acne, enlarged breasts, can cause testicles to shrink and may reduce sperm production. Heart disease is a risk for men undergoing the treatment, as well as the development of prostate cancer or worsening of the disease. Finally, the Mayo Clinic reports that “it could increase the risk of a blood clot forming in a deep vein (deep vein thrombosis), which could break loose, travel through your bloodstream and lodge in your lungs, blocking blood flow (pulmonary embolism).”

An article published by Harvard Health Watch titled “Is testosterone therapy safe?” advises older men to be cautious of seeking such treatment. The article recommends that those wishing to feel more energetic should go for a walk, make smart snacking decisions, and spread activity throughout the day rather than pursuing TRT.

Taking into consideration that there is not “a large, definitive trial for hormone treatment of men,” and that being mindful of the widely known risks of the treatment is important. The article concludes with a precautionary statement: “There is no proof that it will restore you to the level of physical fitness or sexual function of your youth, make you live longer, prevent heart disease or prostate cancer, or improve your memory or mental sharpness. Do not seek therapy with these expectations in mind.”

While there may be several positive reasons one might seek TRT, the risks of the treatment may far outweigh the possible upsides. While libido levels may increase and patients may feel more energetic, they are at exceptionally high risk for serious medical issues that could eventually hamper their ability to enjoy life as they once did.

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