Tractor Trailer Driver Fatigue

Tractor trailers are a constant presence on South Carolina roadways, playing a vital role as they haul freight from suppliers to consumers. These commercial vehicles are large and command a great deal of force as they travel, requiring more time and attention for even basic driving moves like turning and stopping. Driver fatigue can affect reaction time and the decision making abilities of truck drivers leading to devastating accidents. Our South Carolina tractor-trailer accident attorneys are experienced in helping people who’ve been injured because of a big rig.

Truck drivers may be pushed to keep up with expectations from the trucking firms paying their wages and could cut corners in an attempt to transport more goods in a shorter period of time. Independent contractor truck drivers may push themselves to keep up in a competitive employment market.

Causes of Truck Driver Fatigue

Truck drivers have been known consume vast amounts of caffeine in varying forms, deny themselves the ability to use the bathroom, and skip rest stops as they try to get from place to place fast enough to satisfy their bosses and faster than their own trucking competitors. The culture of “More! More! More!” can push drivers to extreme actions, risking their own health to get the job done. As unfortunate as this situation is for tractor-trailer drivers, it also poses a clear and present danger to the drivers’ fellow motorists on the roads. Our South Carolina truck accident attorneys are experienced in handling accident cases caused by tired truck drivers.

In line with the corporate greed that can cause tractor-trailer drivers’ fatigue, trucking firms whose drivers cause catastrophic accidents are willing to go to great lengths to limit the amount they pay out to accident victims. Not only do accidents with these giant vehicles tend to cause more severe injuries and greater car damage for victims, but each and every accident caused by a company’s drivers is added to a registry that ranks trucking firms by safety. These companies, therefore, have no reason to make generous - or even remotely fair – settlements with the innocent victims of crashes caused by fatigued truck drivers. Our tractor trailer accident attorneys work hard to protect the rights of these victims and to help them get the full benefits they are entitled to under the law.

Why Do I Need an Attorney If I Was Hit by a Truck Driver?

Trucking companies have the financial power to employ legal teams entirely dedicated to proving driver fatigue was not responsible for what happened to victims in tractor-trailer accidents. Given the reputation and rating incentives these corporations have to keep their accident record short, these companies are willing to go to great lengths to block victims’ claims. The laws themselves can be confusing, filing deadlines can be strategically placed, and victims can struggle to simply identify their own rights. Given the difficulty of this situation and the often very high stakes in these cases, victims in South Carolina should seek the legal counsel of one of the South Carolina tractor trailer accident attorneys at Grimes Teich Anderson to help them through the entire claims process. There is never a fee to discuss an injury case.

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