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What Are Medical Payments On My Car Insurance and How Can I Use It?

In the industry, these medical payments are called “Medpay.” Medpay is money you can get from your own insurance when you have been hurt in a car accident.  It doesn’t matter who was at fault for you to make a claim for this money, you could have been at fault, and you can still make a claim for it.  You will normally see this as an amount like $1,000.00 – $2,000.00, though some insurance companies have been known to sell people some for $10,000-50,000.  In order to get this money, propertydamagefront-300x199you have to send your carrier the bills you have received. They will then send you a check for the amount you owe or have paid, up to the amount of your coverage.  You do have to show them that you have gotten bills, meaning you can’t just call them and tell them you were hurt and they will send you a check.  Also, you can’t get the money to then get treatment; this aspect can be most frustrating as it can be hard to find the money to get the treatment you need first.  You have to have medical bills to obtain this money.

Also, the Medpay you receive from your insurance company is not an amount that an at-fault driver’s insurance company can claim a credit for.  This means you don’t ever need to tell the at-fault insurance company that you got this money from your insurance company.  So it is possible to be repaid for the same medical bills by your own insurance and the at-fault driver.

Now, there are instances where certain insurance providers will make it nearly impossible to be paid your own Medpay, even with legitimate bills related to a car accident. In the right situations, there are attorneys who handle bad faith lawsuits against insurance companies for failing to meet their promises to their insureds.

Also, there are times your insurance company will not pay you your Medpay because you have Medicaid or Medicare. They don’t pay it to you because if you are getting treatment for a car accident and Medicaid or Medicare is fronting the money for this treatment; they are entitled under the law, to be repaid out of any settlement you get, including your Medpay.  Generally, this is not the case with other health insurances though.

As settlements with an at-fault driver’s insurance companies can take a substantial amount of time, as you typically wait until are done treating and are feeling better, Medpay can be a fast way to help pay some of those bills that roll in and build up after a car wreck.  You can send your bills to your Medpay carrier immediately

Most attorneys, including those at Grimes Teich Anderson, who handle personal injury cases will gladly help you with your Medpay claim, without charge as part of their services in handling your car accident claim.  Having a skilled attorney review your car insurance policy is one way to ensure you don’t miss out on money to which you may be entitled.  Please call one of the accident attorneys at Grimes Teich Anderson today at 800-533-6845 and let us help you.

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