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Scar or Disfigurement Benefits in South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Cases

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Unfortunately, when many South Carolinians suffer an on the job injury, that injury results in permanent scarring or disfigurement to their body. I am often confronted with whether my client is entitled to compensation or additional compensation when they are left with permanent scarring or disfigurement. Whether the injury is a result of serious burn […]

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Could Pose Serious Risks to Men’s Health

testosterone meter

Many products are advertised and promoted to men to boost their testosterone levels. While testosterone therapy may sound appealing for its promised increase of testosterone in older men, there are numerous downsides to the treatment that can have moderate to severe and potentially long-term lasting effects. An article titled “The Risk of Testosterone Replacement in […]

What Is Mediation In South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Cases?

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In 2013, South Carolina adopted new mediation regulations for South Carolina workers’ compensation cases. Before 2013, mediations would occur in cases only if both the Claimant (Injured Worker) and the Defendants (Employer/ Insurance Carrier) agree to mediate the claim. With these regulations, it is important for the injured worker to have some idea of what […]

Are There Income Limits for Social Security Beneficiaries?

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) is responsible for providing benefits to people who are disabled and either temporarily (more than 12 months) or permanently unable to work.  In order to determine that people are actually unable to work the SSA keeps track of a beneficiary’s medical condition and financial status.  If you are receiving payments […]

Protections Against Employment Discrimination for Military Personnel and Veterans

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Even in our great nation, military service is not always as lauded as it should be and Servicemembers and Veterans are not always as sought after as employees as they should be.  Fortunately, the United States Congress realized that we do not all act as we should towards these heroes and Congress enacted the Uniformed […]

The Three Elements of a Service-Connected VA Claim And the Importance of the Nexus

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In order for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to award service-connection for a disability, the Veteran must establish these three elements: A current chronic physical or mental condition; An event or stressor that occurred during Active Duty service; and A link (also known as a ‘nexus’) that connects the chronic condition to the in-service […]

Love and Marriage, The Department of Veterans Affairs Style

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There are many VA benefits a spouse is eligible for, but not everyone is eligible for the designation of “spouse.”  While what constitutes a valid marriage is usually left up to the individual 50 states, the VA does have its own interpretations and can add or subtract requirements in certain circumstances.  This brief article will […]

The VA’s Duty to Maximize a Veteran’s Benefit

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By regulation, the VA has a duty to grant “every benefit that can be supported in law.”[1]  However, the same regulation also states, in the same sentence, that the VA must also protect the interests of the Government.[2]  This competing interest necessitated the courts to continually refine the VA’s duty to maximize a Veteran’s benefits.  […]

Student Loan Payments Pose Unique Issues for Social Security Recipients

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Student loan payments can be a heavy burden for many people, but for those who rely on Social Security disability benefits to get by, the burden is especially heavy. With many returning to college at later ages for a change in career, and others co-signing on student loans for family members, there are more older […]

Increasing the Rating for a Current Service-Connected Disability

doctor explaining paper to soldier

Because most injuries and illnesses change over time, the Veterans Administration allows Veterans to file for an increase in certain disability ratings.  It is important to note that the VA will not automatically adjust a Veteran’s compensation if his or her condition worsens – the Veteran has to actively file for an increase, even if […]

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