Workers’ Compensation

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Injured At Work: Concerned About Your Light Duty Job?

For work injuries after June 24, 2011, North Carolina Law encourages employers to provide “light duty” positions while the injured […]

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What Benefits Am I Entitled To If I Get Hurt At Work In North Carolina?

If you suffer a compensable accident at work or an occupational disease, the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act determines what […]

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New Data Show Fewer OSHA Inspectors Available to Help Ensure Workplace Safety

Consistent with the Trump administration’s overall effort to curb the growth of the federal government, the number of federal workplace […]

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What Happens To Workers’ Compensation Benefits When a Spouse Dies In A Work-Related Accident?

Tragically, there are work-related deaths in NC.  What if your husband or wife dies in a work accident or from […]

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Scar or Disfigurement Benefits in South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Cases

Unfortunately, when many South Carolinians suffer an on the job injury, that injury results in permanent scarring or disfigurement to […]

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What Is Mediation In South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Cases?

In 2013, South Carolina adopted new mediation regulations for South Carolina workers’ compensation cases. Before 2013, mediations would occur in […]

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