How To Make Us Your Attorney

We have helped thousands of people in North Carolina and South Carolina and we are proud of the excellent results we have achieved for our clients. If you believe you have a case and need the help of an experienced attorney at Grimes Teich Anderson, please call us free of charge at 800-533-6845. You may also fill out and submit this form:

Our attorneys may either speak with you on the telephone and/or review the information you provide online and determine whether further consultation is appropriate. If our attorneys believe that we may be able to help you, we will set up an initial consultation. There is no charge for consultations in injury and disability cases. There may be a charge for employment law or other cases.

After the initial consultation, if the attorney agrees to represent you, and you want us to handle your case, then we will enter into a contract of representation. Our attorneys do not represent anyone until there is a contract.

Injury and Social Security Disability Cases: The initial consultation is free for any injury, wrongful death, product liability, workers’ compensation or social security disability case. If, after the initial consultation, the attorney determines that you have a case, and you want to hire an attorney and Grimes Teich Anderson, you and the attorney will formalize the agreement with a contract.

In these above mentioned cases, the attorney is paid a percentage of what is recovered in the case, and that fee is deducted from the recovery before any other expenses are paid. Clients are responsible for others fees, such as litigation expenses, which may also be deducted from the money recovered.

Employment Law Cases: If you have an employment law related case, you may have to pay a fee for an initial consultation based on the type of case involved and your ability to pay. The attorney will let you know of any such fee which is do at the time of the initial consultation.

Some employment law cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means the attorney is paid based on a percentage of the amount recovered for you. Other employment law cases may be handled on an hourly fee basis. This means you are billed based on the number of hours the attorney and paralegal have spent on the case. Sometimes the cases are handled on a flat fee basis. The attorney will discuss the most appropriate fee arrangement before entering into a contract of representation.

Veterans Law Cases: The initial consultation for any veterans’ law case is always free. Depending on the type of case involved, a veterans’ law case may be handled on a contingency basis, an hourly fee basis, or a flat fee basis. The attorney will help determine whether you have a case and what fee arrangement is best.

Each case is different, so not all information on this website, as well as some which may not be provided, will apply to every case. Because the facts and relevant laws are different from case to case, Grimes Teich Anderson does not guarantee that the outcome, results or experiences with one lawyer or one case will be similar to another.

**Except for Employment Law Cases, Attorney’s fees are a percentage of the entire recovery and will be deducted before other expenses. In addition to the fee in these cases, Client will be responsible for litigation expenses, which will either be deducted from the recovery or paid by the client. Some Employment Law Cases may be handled on a contingent fee basis and others handled on an hourly basis, where the client is billed for the hours spent on the case. Based on our experience, we will advise you of the most appropriate fee arrangement in Employment Law cases.

Material on this website is for information purposes and is not legal advice.