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State Rules and Regulations for Intrastate Trucking

The significance of tractor trailers the good truck drivers who drive them are a very important component of the United States economy. But the potential dangers presented by large trucks on the highways cannot be understated. A disproportionately high number of the traffic fatalities which occur in the U.S. involve tractor trailers because any accidents with large vehicles traveling at high speeds pose special risks. It is for this reason that special regulations exist for truck drivers, who are trained in them for their licensure and must follow them implicitly at all times.

There is a lot to consider in cases of negligence regarding trucks. One consideration is whether or not the case involves intrastate travel or interstate travel, as the latter may require the involvement of federal agencies. Federal-level regulations apply in cases of intrastate travel, as well, if trucks are over 5 tons in weight, transporting more than 8 persons, designed to transport more than 15 persons, or transport hazardous materials. Regardless of the negligent party – the trucking company, the driver, or the truck’s condition, which may be a combination of the two – the entire trucking industry is expected to protect other drivers on the road. Sometimes that doesn’t happen and people get injured. The North Carolina and South Carolina tractor trailer accident attorneys at Grimes Teich Anderson are experienced in handling these cases.

There are three types of negligence in the eyes of most federal codes, and they separate regulation violation cases into negligent operation, negligent inspection and maintenance, and negligent hiring, retention, and entrustment. These designations can acknowledge the responsibility of all parties whose recklessness when it comes to stated expectations might cause a catastrophic accident.

Trucking companies hate making payouts to those injured in accidents involving their trucks. Not only does it put a dent in the money they take in, but cases which implicate them in moments of negligence can affect their reputation forever. Flagrant violations of protocol are among the worst violations to go on a trucking firm’s commercial listing because they are a signal to potential clients that a certain group and their drivers do not respect the rules. The trucking industry has their insurance companies to look out for their rights and protect their interests. If you have been injured by a truck, you need an experienced attorney to protect your rights and interests.

If you or someone you love was harmed or killed by a tractor trailer which was in violation of any federal or state regulation for truckers, you might be eligible for a benefits package which provides for your losses. Contact a Grimes Teich Anderson, LLP, attorney to help protect your rights. Let us handle the trucking and insurance companies while you focus on your health and well-being.


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