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Can You Get Workers’ Compensation When Working From Home in NC and SC?


It is widely known that workers’ compensation is available for most employees that suffer an injury or illness while working. However, with countless Americans working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the lines get blurry regarding what workers are entitled to if they endure a work-related injury outside company premises. Luckily, the location of […]

Home Heating Precautions To Stay Safe and Warm


As the weather starts to cool down and daylight dwindles, it is more important than ever to ensure that your home stays warm and cozy for the fall and winter seasons. However, some home heating options could put you and your family in harm’s way. Here are some home heating safety tips to keep in […]

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover COVID In The Carolinas?


COVID-19 has caused a strain not only in the United States, but worldwide. The effects of the pandemic have impacted everyone in one way or another – whether physically, mentally, or economically. For thousands of working Americans, it has impacted them in more ways than one. Workers’ compensation laws serve to provide financial security and […]

2022 COLA Set For Social Security Beneficiaries


What Percentage Raise Will The COLA Be For 2022? The cost of living adjustment (COLA) is 5.9% for 2022 — the highest percentage increase in nearly 40 years. For many people collecting Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), this is the highest monthly payment increase they’ve seen yet. This is due to the significant inflation brought […]

Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak: What You Need to Know


Legionnaires’ Disease, a waterborne respiratory infection caused by the bacteria legionella, has recently seen an uptick in cases in the US. From the Mountain State Fair in North Carolina in 2019, to a basketball camp at Duke University, to even a Quality Inn in Missouri, the illness has continued to spread nationwide. With this alarming […]

Move Right Law Now in Effect in South Carolina


The South Carolina Department of Public Safety announced on August 4th, 2021 that a new law will now require South Carolina motorists to drive only in the right half of controlled-access highways, using the left lane only for passing through. This law went into effect August 15th, 2021. Can You Get a Ticket for Staying […]

South Carolina Fights Back Against Road Rage


Behaviors such as failing to use a turn signal or driving under the speed limit can often breed tension and animosity among other drivers on the road. However, there is a fine line between feeling frustrated and acting on those frustrations in a fit of rage. When annoyances manifest into anger and aggression, the outcome […]

How Can Social Media Posts Be Used Against You In a Personal Injury Claim?


Many people are unaware of how detrimental their social media presence can be to their case when it is discovered by opposing counsel. The personal injury claims process can be challenging, both emotionally and financially, so you may turn to the internet for support. While social media can be a great outlet, making simple social […]

Dangerous by Design: Greenville Ranked Deadliest Area for Pedestrians


Everyone knows that pedestrians have the right of way on the road. Striped crosswalks, stop-and-go signals, and traffic guards all serve to protect those walking on roadways. Unfortunately, however, pedestrians are often put in unnecessary danger due to their unintentional negligence, the negligence of drivers, or the lack of infrastructure. Whether it be a lack […]

Veterans Disability Benefits and Backlog in the COVID Era: Fast Facts You Need to Know


Currently, there over 210,000 disability claims in the Veteran Benefits Administration backlog (double the pre-COVID amount). This systematic setback has impacted the lives of Americans everywhere, particularly some of the most vulnerable: our Veterans. With the additional strain on an already complex and time-consuming process, it can be difficult to determine how long the process […]

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