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Child Car Seat Safety Target of Study, Recent Recall

parent putting child into car seat

According to a recent government study, motor vehicle deaths of children have fallen 43 percent over the last 10 years, largely attributed to the increased use of child safety restraints. The bad news is that there were still more than 9,000 children who died in crashes during that time, and what’s more, the child safety […]

Autocycles Now Allowed in North Carolina, But What Are They and What Risks Do They Pose?

autocycle car on side of road

It’s not a motorcycle. It’s not a car. It’s an autocycle, and thanks to recent legislation passed by the North Carolina Legislature (as reported in the News & Observer), it is now considered its own classification of motor vehicle. In other parts of the country, autocycles are becoming a popular transportation option for baby boomers […]

What If I Don’t Want the Surgery or Treatment Recommended by the Workers’ Compensation Doctor?

workers compensation form

Generally, workers’ compensation has the right to direct medical care when they have accepted compensability for the specific part of your body, always subject to supervision by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. But this right is not absolute. Am I Entitled to A Second Opinion? There are provisions to obtain a second opinion for treatment […]

Can My Employer Terminate Me?

employee packing up desk after being fired

Almost all private sector employees in North Carolina are “at will” employees. That means that an employee is hired for an indefinite period of time and may be terminated for any reason or no reason at all, with or without notice, as long as they are not terminated for an illegal reason that is prohibited […]

VA Disability Benefits: How Much Back Pay Can I Expect?

veteran benefits book

Most veterans usually start pursuing disability benefits in the presence of strong economic incentives, such as recently losing a job, when retirement does not pay as much as expected, or when healthcare expenses become too burdensome. The danger in waiting to pursue VA Disability Benefits until it is needed is that you will not start […]

If I Am Injured and Can’t Work, How Much Should I Receive a Week In Out of Work Benefits?

man on couch with back pain

A benefit provided by the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation system is out of work pay when an individual is unable to work due to their work injury. This benefit is known as Temporary Total Disability benefits or TTD. You become entitled to this benefit while treating for your work injury when your doctor either writes […]

What Evidence should I File in Support of my Claim for VA Disability?

solider in wheel chair

This post will try to briefly explain the two most common and helpful forms of supporting evidence, Lay Evidence and Expert Evidence. When submitting a claim to the Department of Veterans Affairs, it is always highly encouraged that you also submit additional evidence which can support your claim. The problem is that the VA is […]

Injured At Work: Concerned About Your Light Duty Job?

doctor examining patients elbow

For work injuries after June 24, 2011, North Carolina Law encourages employers to provide “light duty” positions while the injured worker is recovering from a work injury. These can be made up positions – a job for which the employer couldn’t justify hiring someone to do. Sometimes the tasks are of some use to the […]

What is A Contingency Fee for Lawyers?

lawyer writing on paper with client

A frequent question from our clients is how do contingency fees work? We do almost all of our personal injury work on a contingency fee basis. That means the fee is a percentage of the amount we recover for the client. Depending on the kind of case, contingency fees can range from 25% to 40%. […]

The Military Medical Retirement Process

man holding american flag over shoulders

Military service members often suffer injuries while serving our country.  When a medical condition develops that a physician believes will not heal enough in order for the service member to be able to perform his or her military duties within one year, the service member is then referred to the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) for […]

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